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How To introduce solids

A comprehensive, move-at-your-own-pace course for moms - so you can confidently introduce your baby to a whole new world of food.

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It’s an exciting time - seeing their cute reactions, trying to capture their smiles, and laughing at their messy faces as they experience a brand new and wide, wide world of food. But what no one told you: it’s also terrifying.

Maybe you started looking up “how to introduce solids” and closed your search filled with the anxiety that surrounds choking and allergens. Perhaps you’ve tried introducing solids, and your baby has been a reluctant eater, pushing away everything you offered, leaving you with nothing to show for it but a messy kitchen floor. Or maybe your baby gagged, and you’re afraid now that you’re doing it all wrong.

Baby’s First Food is a Big Deal.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with knowing when or how to transition or what foods to introduce first, you’re not alone. But we’re here to help you get the information you need to confidently make decisions around feeding your baby their first foods that will set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating.

There’s a lot of information out there regarding starting solids - some of which is true and some false. 

We believe a happy relationship with food starts from the beginning, so we created a course for

moms that starts at

the beginning

How to introduce solids

Introducing Solids includes research, strategies, and resources- so you set up your baby for a lifelong, healthy relationship with food.


This first-foods course is specifically designed for moms who want to safely introduce their babies to the wide world of food. 

In this course, you'll learn:

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the differences between traditional and baby-led weaning

how to decide which is right for your baby

picky eating prevention

safe progression of textured foods

choking prevention

how to manage a gagging baby

food-based nutritional needs for babies

how to build your baby’s plate

how often and when to feed baby (including example schedules)

allergy research + when/how to introduce allergens

introducing and managing cup + utensil use

foundational principles for a lifetime of healthy eating

How to Introduce Solids

Start your baby’s healthy relationship with food ‒ from the beginning - with

As dietitians and moms, we take a holistic approach to nutrition. We believe how you feed your child is just as important as what you feed your child.

We’re here to help you weed out the nonsense and provide only the most up-to-date, evidenced-based information that is helpful to you. We’ll be on your side as you learn what and how to feed your new eater, navigate their nutritional needs, and overcome any gagging difficulties.

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Hey there, we're Brittni & Natalie.

Registered Dietitians | Personal Trainers | Mamas

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“Introducing Solids is an excellent course. It’s very in line with how I approach/teach families, but I don’t always have the time parameter for focusing on it as much as I would like. I appreciate how you discuss both conventional and baby led weaning (as that is such a common question for parents) and how you highlight iron and water. I am looking forward to your info on picky eating - such a major challenge with patients!”

— Dr. Krista Clark, MD, FRCPC

What other experts are saying

This is your chance to get confident in the kitchen, knowing you are providing your baby optimal nutrition.

What Moms are Saying

These mamas have learned how to make raising healthy eaters easy and realistic.

Introducing Solids made me feel comfortable and confident with BLW. 

“Thanks again for the Introducing Solids course. I just started feeding my daughter a week ago and I was nervous to do baby-led weaning, but using your advice and recipe books, I felt more comfortable doing so. Well, it turns out she is a fierce baby-led weaning gal, and she is doing amazing! I’m just so thankful to have had these resources this time around to feel more confident introducing solids!”

- Crombie

Introducing Solids  relieved my stress regarding my reluctant eater.  

“You have made me feel a million times better about feeding my baby who hates eating! I’ve been stressing about iron and allergies, and you made me feel much more relaxed and confident that one day he will like food!”

- Jennifer w.

Introducing Solids  helped me get out of a puree rut and begin texture progression.

“After feeling like we were stuck on purees and feeling nervous/uncertain about how to progress to other foods, this class gave me the confidence to try new foods with my baby. My son ate a few pieces of steamed broccoli all on his own tonight! Thank you so much for the great information. Meal times just got exciting again.”

- Lyla L.

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Set your child up for a healthy relationship with food - from the very beginning - by starting today.  

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How to introduce solids


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A comprehensive nutrition course specifically designed for moms who want to safely & confidently introduce their babies to first foods. 

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