As fellow moms, we understand the stress , the overwhelm, the pressure to be perfect, and the anxiety (we’re looking at you choking hazards) around feeding your kids. But here is the thing: you're doing a great job and perfect isn’t real (nor do we think it’s a healthy way to approach family nutrition).

When it comes to meal times, we believe a happy, imperfect table is better than a miserable, perfect table every time. And that’s some good news for all of us.

Meet Brittni & Natalie

We take the stresswork out of healthy eating for mom and baby.

Registered Dietitians | Personal Trainers | Moms

While we may be dietitians, we’re also moms just like you. Before having our babies, we met in University while studying nutrition. We both graduated with Bachelor of Science degrees in Nutrition and became registered dietitians upon graduation, specializing in prenatal, postnatal, and childhood nutrition.

While personality-wise we’re as different as night and day, we developed a friendship through nerding out over nutrition. Nutrition uniquely has the power to positively or negatively affect not only your health, but your overall lifestyle. And when you use it for, the good it can do! We think that’s pretty cool.

A Shared Passion for Health

Get educated

Mom empowerment

After we became moms, though, we saw firsthand how much unhelpful information and bad advice is out there keeping moms stuck in a cycle of guilt and helplessness when it comes to feeding their babies. And we don’t believe it has to be this way.

So what do we believe? We believe in balance, in research, and in grace. We believe postpartum motherhood is a sacred time in a woman’s life where she nourishes her little one, but she must also relearn how to nourish her own body.

We believe in providing moms with a nutrition education that helps you feel empowered, not ashamed when it comes to feeding your babies and toddlers. Most importantly, we believe in creating healthy relationships with food for life.

Our Approach to Mom Guilt

Creating a safe space for moms to flourish

No mom-shaming here. We are committed to listening, learning, and blooming together. The helpful information we give to moms always comes with a side of grace. 

The Bloom Nutrition difference

Judgment- Free 

Moving your body matters just as much as what you put in your body, and factors like sleep, hydration, stress reduction, and mental health also affect your overall health as well. Our approach to nutrition includes consideration for the many different aspects of health and how they all work together to help your body (and mind) function optimally. 


All bodies are good bodies and all food has a place. We're not anti-diet, but we're also not all organic or dairy-free everything. We value research and nutrition information that can be trusted and used to balance our nutrition. 



Not Just Here For Your Babies and Toddlers

We're here for you,           


From this passion, our business bloomed. Our shared heart for pregnant and postpartum women has helped us to equip mamas worldwide with the knowledge and skills they need to feel confident in nourishing not only their families, but also themselves.

We know firsthand how overwhelming and challenging new motherhood can be — new anxieties, new responsibilities, new roles, and new schedules. We’re here to make it a little less overwhelming by bringing health and grace back to the table.

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Mom-ing so hard right now:

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# of kids

Running or a quick HIIT workout

Go-to workout

 Salmon with Roasted Veggies or Pesto Gnocchi

On our tables


Energy balls or nachos with a side of guacamole

On the go

Country music (I like all types of music, but country has my heart!) and Found My Fitness by Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Listening to

Meeting my girlfriends for a glass of wine and good food

When we're not mom-ing

An Americano Coffee or a glass of J. Lohr Cab Sauv

In our glasses

“Just breathe.” This simple mantra has gotten me so many overwhelming moments that come with motherhood. I believe that cultivating a sense of calm in our homes is not only a gift to ourselves, but a gift to our families.

Mom wisdom



# of kids

A high intensity spin or interval workout followed by weights

Go-to workout

Tom Kha Gai (Chicken Coconut Soup) 

On our tables

Veggies & hummus every day (and I have a soft spot for cookie dough Blizzards!) 

On the go

Hip-hop/rap (extra points if it’s an early 2000s jam!) and the Found My Fitness podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Listening to

Shopping and playing competitive volleyball 

When we're not mom-ing

An Americano Coffee or a cold glass of Pinot Grigio

In our glasses

As you raise your kids, remember you are “growing up,” too, so give yourself the same forgiveness and grace you so easily extend to them.

Mom wisdom

Why we do what we do

to empower moms to feel good about what they feed their babies

to help you feel your best so you can give your best to your kids.

to set up your littles with a lifelong, healthy relationship with food

to assist busy moms in finding their own balanced relationship with food

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