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How To Raise A Happy, Healthy Eater

A comprehensive online course for busy moms so you can set up your toddler for a lifetime of healthy, balanced eating.

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When you’re juggling working and mom-ing, it’s easy to get exhausted physically. The lack of sleep and endless needs to be met will wear you down. We all know this.

But no one, no one, prepares you for Mealtime Decision Fatigue—(let’s call it MDF for short). All day long you try to solve the riddle of what-in-the-world-do-I-make- for-dinner. Then your picky eater turns up their nose, and you feel like you’ve gotten it wrong once again.

When it turns out that dinner-planning with littles consumes more time than you ever imagined it could, you probably find yourself giving up and ordering takeout more times than you care to admit.

We Believe The Hardest Part of Parenting Shouldn’t Be Mealtimes. 

It seems so simple. You just want meal ideas that are:

In short, you want the perfect meal. And the problem is: perfect doesn’t exist.
When it comes to mealtimes with toddlers, we believe a happy, imperfect table is better than a miserable, perfect table every time. The secret lies in the balance.

Why does it seem so easy for everyone else?




Finding Balance Now Will Set Them Up For a Lifetime of Health

If you’re dealing with a picky or reluctant eater, you’re probably concerned about your toddler’s overall nutrition and worried that the train is coming off the tracks. The truth is, you’re probably doing better than you realize. We’re here to help you find your balance and regain your confidence. 

Our dietitian-written curriculum covers:

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We’ll give you all the research you need, and none of the kind you don’t, so you can start raising a happy, healthy, and adventurous eater. 

normal eating expectations for toddlers

raising healthy + adventurous eaters

dealing with sweet treats

picky eating prevention

mealtime happiness for everyone

Go from second-guessing yourself and suffering from Mealtime Decision Fatigue to confident and empowered with the meals and snacks you give. 

healthy eaters

This is where toddler moms learn

how to raise happy,

An online nutrition course specifically designed for moms of toddlers who want to provide optimal nutrition. 

Happy, Healthy Eaters includes research, strategies, and resources - so you set up your toddler for a lifelong, healthy relationship with food. 

what, where, how much, and when to feed your children so they are getting the nutrition they need

picky eating prevention + practical strategies for dealing with it

how to avoid mealtime battles (and what to do if mealtimes are already a battle)

how to help your kids find the joy in food and become more adventurous eaters (without the fight!)

how to navigate treats to create balance in your home

how to talk to children about food and their bodies

how to raise mindful, intuitive eaters who love and trust their bodies

In this course, you'll learn:

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Healthy nutrition lies in the balance between research and real-life.
We’re here to help you find it. 

As dietitians and moms, we take a holistic approach to nutrition. We believe how you feed your child is just as important as what you feed your child.

We’re here to help you weed out the nonsense and provide only the most up-to-date, evidenced-based information that is helpful to you. We’ll be on your side as you learn what and how to feed your toddler, navigate their nutritional needs, and overcome any picky eating phases.

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